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Coming crashing down, a perfect storm



Well-known member
Aug 1, 2018
Hey everyone, I've not been on for a while as I actually managed to have a really good period.

We got married and everything was working out. Work was pretty good, I got a nice client and I had arranged for one of my best friends to come work with our company, he would be quite senior and eventually we would look to take over the company.

We were planning our honeymoon and getting excited ready for summer. The wedding stress was winding down and the family was so happy.

Then on on Saturday I got a call that my younger brother had been in a motorbike accident and was being airlifted to hospital.

After a week on life support he lost his battle and passed away at the end of June, 1 month after his 35th birthday.

This devastated the family and being the oldest I held the family together and organised everything. The funeral was amazing and I rode my motorcycle and led him in and gave the eulogy.

The work situation is unraveling and I have been told I won't get paid whilst on honeymoon.

I'm really struggling to keep my head above water. I had a massive argument with my wife last night broke my phone, headphones and really don't know what to do.


Active member
Jul 18, 2018
I'm really sorry to hear about your brother. It's not easy but we can't let that stuff get in our way of managing/recovering. People without mental illness act out so for people who do have one, or more, it is a huge challenge. I commend you for reaching out again. Huge step. Now, I'm not married and am no good with that sort of thing so I won't touch it except for suggesting you apologize for the outburst. The honeymoon is a necessity? Can you postpone it until you're more financially capable? Much love, brother. Hang in there