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Comfort eating/bing dieting..



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Jul 23, 2009
south london,england
Hey there,

Just looking for some advice- as some of you know I'm really new to this forum and I'm seeking help with my unhealthy relationship with food.

Ontop of my general medical problems and issues of my weight, I do have tendencies to over eat especially when depressed but when I'm feeling "fine" i tend to undereat- surviving on very little.

Does anyone else suffer from obesity and low self esteem and trying to gain control of their eating?

Is there any support groups out there for over eaters/binge eating?

Or would this come under self harming- i know what I do and yet i still continue to eat bad food for me. I've alwaysed struggled with a weight problem even as a young child. Food was a source of comfort, and recently due to going to counselling- i've realised that my unhealthy relationship with food has also subsituted "normal" romantic relationships.




I have suffered with an eating disorder but perhaps not the same symptoms. Although I am sure we all do it for the same reasons but react in a different way. However I do know of an organisation that helps all those suffering with a variety of eating disorders although the title of the group is misleading.


They work on the same principals as alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous and hold meetings all over the UK.

I'm not sure if that helps. I am quite tired now, however tomorrow I can root through some literature etc that I have that may be of some use to you. And I will post anything that may be of some help to you here. :)


Hi dib4uk

I'm so sorry I didn't reply sooner i was so tired, forgot about it and probably misread some of your post too.

I suffered with anorexia then got anorexia/bulimia, so I did used to binge eat. I have just replied to another similar post with some ideas of how I managed to stop bingeing, which you might find helpful.


Sorry if it's not what you were looking for, and if it is unhelpful, but thought I'd respond with something as promised! :)


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Oct 17, 2009
hamilton scotland
the main thing i look forward to is what am i going to have to eat food is my passion not alcohol cigarettes or drugs but currys cakes cola lemonade irn bru vimto pizzas chips chocalate i know those are unhealthy and make me fat but i have nothing else in life aqnd if i cant eat what i like there is no point in being alive:popcorn:


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Jul 15, 2009
Hi, I suffer from depression and comfort eat a lot and for me this could almost be self harming as I tend to eat sweet things even though I'm diabetic. I just think 'to hell with it' and eat what I want anyway. I'm obese and always have been severely overweight even as a child, except for a few years between meeting my husband-to-be and having our first child. I also have underactive thyroid which piled the weight on, then developed diabetes because of the weight gain. Then I get even more depressed when I look at myself and so eat more! A vicious circle. :(


i dont over eat but do eat the wrong things and skip meals. i cant help it if a pizza makes me feel better :D

pizza, fries, coleslaw, onion rings, mushrooms, garlic bread, jacket pots with cheese :drool: (y)


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Oct 25, 2008
Hi Dib4uk

I seem to have a similar relationship with regrads to food as you, in that at times i will eat all the wrong things in quanties that are more than the norm and at other times I dont eat for hours on end. My eating habbits are not balanced at all.

I think some of my issues are motivation related, I am generally so unmotivated at the moment that although i am quite a resonable cook it just seems so much effort to prepare everything. Having said that chocolate and other unhealthy things are what i find myself eating if i am really despairing, i guess in all honestly they are unhealthy and thats why they tast nice and although its no long term help, the tempory is on occasions helpful.

Its a tough cycle to get out of. I am sorry I can't be more help with regards to any suggestions but it will be interesting to see the thoughts of other members.



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Apr 5, 2009
While recovering from anorexia I went through a stage of binge eating every day until I went from under weight to over weight. I am now more in control and have lost weight to be healthier although it was very difficult.

At one stage my mum had to lock the kitchen door in the evening as I was almost addicted to eating, I would eat until I felt like I would throw up and wait for the feeling to pass then eat until it happened it.

Nothing really helped me - it just came to a stage where it became easier to resist binging and gradually the binges became smaller and less often until they stopped, but I still do have days that are hard and I want to comfort eat but I have to be strong and stop myself. I wish you all the best and that you can overcome this :hug:


Dec 7, 2009
Although my situation is different to some degree i can sympathize with the emotional eating and not really needing food when I feel fine. I've been dealing with a combination of depression and eating-disorder type symptoms for just over a year now, i started restricting my food when i noticed i was eating a lot of comfort food in winter and my habits spiralled out of control.
My habits are getting better and I'm very positive not to let myself get bad again but I've read a very good book, Gillian Riley- Eating Less- say goodbye to overeating, its based upon increasing your confidence around food, although a lot of it is based on self-reward and confidence, and thats quite difficult when you're suffering with depression. I've found if i start to feel down and the need to eat comfort foods i have to keep myself busy, and the best way to do that is just to get out the house and go for a small walk
in time any problems can be overcome, best of luck!x
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