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Come on then, what's your Bipolar creativity?


Ginger Kitten

Well-known member
Oct 2, 2020
Surrey, Uk
Writing. I wrote a mini-play in 45 mins once when high. But I've been writing all my life, even before bipolar, it's part of me. I used to be a journalist and I think that's why I ended up doing it for 25 years; words have always come easily to me and been a source of pleasure. But that would be true whether I'd developed this condition (at 28) or not. There does seem to be a link between bipolar and creativity though. However, I wonder if that's also true of other mh issues, it's just we know about bipolarity and this type of ability.


Apr 6, 2021
my work : CFL : Portfolio
theres 5 images on there even though it shows 3

need to update, done a lot more since.

Doing a college project on Bi Polar Disorder right now. I'll post um up sometime.
These are great! You're off to a great start, so keep on channeling your creativity. Wish you prosperity on your career path.


Apr 6, 2021
Buckets of creativity flow out of me when an episode hits me at 1000 km/hr. I have several artistic interests precisely because of bipolar disorder; but I haven't dwelled deeply into most (unless I am completely alone; and then it's just silly).

So let's say that officially, I only focus on writing and drawing. I find pursuing hobbies a great way to handle this condition. Doodling is my go-to during intense episodes, where I capture snapshots of my feelings and storm of thoughts. Like this, a memory carrying mostly good vibes. With hints of melancholy and nostalgia.


Once the feeling is printed on paper my head gets peace for a while. And if the result gives off good vibes like the one above, then my mood improves with every glance at it. Without this hobby and its process I'd probably be insane by now.

I've always been told vehemently by family and friends to stop this, though. This is why I hide it. But I'm telling you, you have to get those creative juices flowing to avoid getting trapped inside thought-loops and falling into pits-of-confused-despair. Nothing else can compare to the mental release of artistic expression, in my opinion. You don't have to be good or bad at it. Honest. As Shia LaBeouf eloquently puts it: Just. Do. It.
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