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Come on then, what's your Bipolar creativity?



Well-known member
Nov 10, 2019
I write and paint. I look back at some of it like 'wtf'?? Haha
Sometimes I look back at the very 'important' things I have written when I was manic/psychotic and I get sooooooooo embarrassed/saddened when i read it back later, when i am better. (you see when I am writing it down, I am thinking this is all extremeley important and I must remember all of this.)

None of it makes any sense.

It is so sad.


New member
Nov 29, 2019
I get really creative and stay up all night often writing songs and making music..

Here's a poem i've just written about being on the drug Abilify (for bipolar)

I have been on many meds in the past but now been on Abilify for a month or so. The doc said it has mood stabilising properties and helps with anxiety but just worry that its blocking dopmaine too much. Anyway here goes...

“Abilify”, supposedly tries
providing ability
to live a normal life
It nullifies the worries of the mind
But It numbs and dumbs the brain
to create pretence
that others think your fine
Flat and whacked emotions is what becomes
and replaces what was the spaces
of the prefrontal cortex
It wrecks the best
of the grey matter
Tho the doc says
“it won’t make you fatter”
The nurse and psychiatrist disagree with me
Regarding what I see
As a dodgy pharmaceutical drug company
They wish to keep me on
at least temporarily
with their care plan
for as long as they forsee.
They say it’s the top rated anti-psychotic
As if it’s supposed to be a tonic
with the least side effects,
(it’s worth another go I guess!?)
It ruins your basil ganglia
and makes you feel weirder
It keeps you awake,
alert and strangely spaced in a cloudy haze
with emptiness feeling for most of the day
giving little motivation,
it’s only a part solution to thoughts that raced
A large needle to the arm
they say does no harm
Chemicals released slowly,
and only what you need
to keep people around me
happy at least :-S