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Combining Mirtazapine with Venlafaxine



New member
May 18, 2010
Hi Everyone,
I am new to this site but I would like to comment on the combination of Mirtazapine and Venlafaxine.
I have over the years been on numerous drug treatments for what I see as a pretty resistant Depressive/Paranoid state of mind.
Recently I was put onto Mirtazapine with the view to at the same time weaning myself off Venlafaxine.
However. Once I began taking the Mirtazapine I noticed that I felt an immediate beneficial effect whilst still taking the Venlafaxine.
Although I still have my mood swings and low points they are certainly not so severe with this combination of meds.
Weight gain with the Mirtazapine has levelled off and I am now going to tell my Psyc that I want to continue using this combination.
While I recognise this may not work for all I am confident it will help those who have a resistant form of Depression.
I have read on a web site of Pharmacology that this combination of meds is viewed as second only too receiving ECT.
Hope this post can help someone for when they see their respective GP or Consultant.
Bye everyone Speak soon


Well-known member
Apr 9, 2010
Hi there! and welcome
Guess some drugs work for some people some dont.
I tried this combo for 9 weeks and felt like shit no energy, no motivation just felt terrible. Anyway after 9 weeks enough was enough I stopped the mirtazipine. Have been on venlafaxine for about 8months now, still pretty low most the time. Saw my ppsych yesterday and she hasnt suggested anything else I think thay have run out of ideas, and to be quite honest I dont even care anymore
lucky you I am so glad (and envious) you have found something that works! It is good to actually hear some positive outcomes
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