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Cold shower CAUSED chronic palpations



New member
Feb 21, 2019
I read recently that cold showers can help with anxiety. But for me and my twin sister, we had the opposite effect. My sister did ice cold baths 2 yes ago believing it was good for the health but suffered a major anxiety attack after a few times. She felt wired like she had drunk loads of coffee and her heart raced and thudded during the nights causing her insomnia. This has gone on for 2 years (albeit it has eased up somewhat). Her doctor would not acknowledge that the cold water treatment was anything to do with it and prescribed beta blockers which didn't stop the racing or pounding heart.
Recently I used very cold water as a last rinse on my hair to make it shinier, not thinking about my sisters problem. But after a few separate times I suddenly found myself in the night with racing pounding heart and eyes wide like I was wired. All night I was awake, with shaky shallow breath. This has persisted over 3 mths now, (albeit not as bad as the first time). I know it was the cold water like my sister. But the doctor was uninterested and prescribed beta blockers for the symptoms. I am interested in the cause.
After research on line, I reckon we have "tripped out/stressed/shocked" the vagus nerve or the adrenaline system. I'm not a doctor but something went wrong and has not gone back to normal. It is so distressing as we don't sleep and it causes our anxiety to multiply 100 times. When the heart races it makes you feel nervous. I try not to get upset about it, but knowing that these symptoms have dured for 2 years for my sister doesn't give me much hope to end my symptoms.
Any ideas? :) :)
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