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CMHT Referrals, Preparation



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Aug 1, 2014
Hi Evening Folks,

I have always been a firm believer, in preparation, before an actual live session of which ever sort of activty. In time for my last flying visit to cmht back in 2015, I prepared a debrief, of my daily management for coping with mental health and stratergies/activities on a long term - permanent basis, so I had an idea, this evening of a thought, regardless who the registrar consultant might, be, and in case I do receive a referral, so in time nearer to the time of the referral appointment - I'll do a debrief of my mental health and stratergies a Day's Diary Guide - so that they can then review when writing up their notes, after my appointment.

In fact, and I was surprised back in2015, that they happened to have asked could they keep? I confirmed yes, it's their copy.

So I am feeling very much so, I shall do that again, off course a referral within the GP part timer appointment might not occur, I am half prepared just incase.

As one had put to me in my day centre movement, well it looks like you have your head screwed on, very well, and that I had to agree.

I'm very well, retrialing me on 20ml dose of med, I had to get away, jokingly from 25ml, it's driving me mad on the very very s trong alerting in waking day and night time, even overnight hours again, and certainly overnighters I always know i need my sleep, otherwise, I cannot swiftly become with it for the day, soon after 8am.

Absolutely very well no problems issues of mental health - no irritiblities for once, only very slight, so I am a picture of very well mental health recovered, and I have always been recovered - head wise, since call it, 2012, when at that juncture, at that point, I was increased to 25ml.

I have had enough of that dose. I have a GP booking in a week's time, I'll debrief them.

Have a good evening and overnight all,

Best Regards All,



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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I think this is a really good idea and thanks for the prompt.

I had an appointment this week (not mental health related) but I really didn't know what to say or ask, so I walked out feeling like I should have thought about it more beforehand. :doh:


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Jan 7, 2008
my last cmhc appt they made a big thing about me sitting facing the door which resulted in my defending myself and downplaying illness which allowed them to leave me without suppport. looking back that was intentional