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Clopixol depot hypersensitivity



Active member
Jan 3, 2016
Hello everyone, does Clopixol depot cause hypersensitivity because I've been taking it for over a year and I used to wear wigs for alopecia but recently I cannot wear wigs anymore because I have become allergic and its really difficult because i have a huge bald patch, I also cannot wear scarves in winter or earphones or hats. I cannot wear makeup either now, my gp doctor told me that Clopixol depot causes hypersensitivity towards fabrics but my psychiatrist doesn't know why I am experiencing allergies. I would like to eventually come off medication but my psychiatrist doctor won't take me off it. Has anyone else experienced allergies or hypersensitivity towards fabrics due to Clopixol depot. Does anyone know how long does this side effect lasts?