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Darren Taylor

New member
Mar 27, 2016
Hey my is Darren

need a bit of help

​i suffer from severe OCD ANXIETY & SLEEP PHOBIA

​Ive been going through a tough time lately making myself anxious over worrying about sex and arriving to soon. very embarrasing i know. ill have sex with my partner and it will be fine and not over quick but il convince myself there is a problem to the point where it can happen and il arrive too soon. yes i can manage it but the stresss is hell. clompramine is something i am perscibed and helps with effctively stopping the worry as it cures the problem with numbing down below and stopping my obsessive thoughts. it actually makes me happy and enjoy life. i was on it for many years and it was a massive help then come off. the problem i have is if i go back on it il obsess it aint going to work in the long term even though i know it does as in was on it for 3 years. ive been checking the hell out of google trying to find info on longe term effectiveness of ssri and premature ejaculaton. doctor will only put me on a low dose but i know it helps so just need some reassurance even though i know myelf that it can help long term for pe

thanks for taking time to read



Apr 4, 2015
Well I know that clomipramine can cause sexual dysfunction, and so can a lot of anti depressants. But the more you worry about it, the worse it will be. What does your partner think? Maybe it's not that important to them. It can't have put them off being with you.

I know that men worry about their sexual performance but I know speaking from personal experience it's not that important to me or many other women (you haven't said if it's a women you're with so I don't know if this is relevant). What's important is more general intimacy to many of us and companionship rather than sex. Clearly your partner is happy to be with you so I wouldn't worry too much about this; the less you worry, the happier you will be and the better sex will be too, probably.

I actually think that clomipramine can cause difficulty reaching orgasm so premature ejaculation is not a likely side effect. However, everyone has different experiences so I can't be 100% on that.

My main advice would be to stop obsessing over this (it is probably a form of your OCD) and just enjoy being intimate with your partner as you may find it is a better experience.