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clinical depression



Aug 5, 2008
hi. i have clinical depression which i've had all my life! i am finding it harder as i get older, as i am anti-social and don't want to go out much to meet new people or have a relationship!
i think i have symptoms of psychosis as well and i have a psychiatrist who tells me it is ok to stab myself as i will not hit any major organs and just to go to a&e!!!
also she tells me it is ok to kill people in my head and to see & hear things that aren't there!!!
she also tells me it is ok to self - harm and to be angry all the time!!!
i don't think she is listening to me!!!
i am unemployed as i can't get a job with my state of mind & i love the darkness more than daylight, which is another thing my psych says is ok?
has anyone else been through/has these problems?
what do you think i should do about my psychatrist's comments?


FCUK THEM OFF with immediate effect such terriable advice I wouldnt call that good practice of care which after all is their duty working in such an high powered job for the nhs IMO but they do have to sign an ethicl code I do beleive it is there job to preserve life at all costs or perhaps I have not kept upto date I am nearly 50 years old , though you need to talk to someone else within your trust n report the bitch who ever it is, fancy telling you to stab yourself (Did I read that right)? Please excuse any spelling miatakes or bad grammer I'm uneducated JD
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