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Class system for voices. Does this work?



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May 8, 2017
Voice Stages

1. Usually it begins with sounds. These sounds happen with no discernable point.
2. Usual noises whether in the background (like a to or radio) start. These sounds formulate into words then the words into phrases.
3. Words are heard with no supporting sound Dreams become more intense. The hearer can begin to identify where the voice or sound is heard. Typically “outside the room”
4. Words are categorized and organized into names. Sometimes they hear something which their mother use to say and it can sounds like their mother
5. The names develop into separate personalities. They appear in dreams at this point as real beings. The victim talk to them and they respond. This is deduced from the phrases or when the voice comes into the awareness. They claim their telepathic.
6. The voices become conditional. Something the voice hearer has to do either passively or actively. At this level the hearer can determine where the voice or voices are coming from typically in the same room. This can become the beginning to an assault on the self-esteem. A tag develops the hearer will know when the voices are listening. (like a ringing in the ear or a feeling their being watched) The victim asks them to do something and the voices respond or they respond to influence what condition the hearer is in. They do this because I do that or they do this because they do that.
7. The voices target. They can hear my thoughts. It can be clearly determined if the victim is using an inner voice to talk with them (not hearing thoughts) or if the voices are reacting to the this or that choices the conscience makes for judgements and the voices are choosing the that instead of the this that the victim is choosing but is being judged on the that this is to a voice hearer “hearing thoughts”. “Voice stalking” happens where the voice follows the hearer around the room or moves away from or closer to the hearer, depending on what he or she is doing.
8. Dominant Ego. Eventually the victim will suffer who or what is actually the dominant ego. Ego being the ability to determine what is in fact real. This begins a spectrum of what is reality.
9. RED LINE This is a break down point the voices and what they are, are understood as real almost more real than the victim.
10. Tactile hallucinations
11. Visual hallucinations
12. This point is what I refer to as Defcon 5. What is real at this point?


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Sep 29, 2013
I would add some stages beyond visual hallucinations:

Voices invading your dreams.
Voices and dreams taking on hyper-real qualities.
Voices controlling your memory in dreams.

You can end up in a situation where voices take on a much greater role in determining your subjective reality, at least in dreams. I don't suffer from visual hallucinations but I've experienced pretty much everything else on these lists. I used to have many arguments with them about what was real.


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May 8, 2017
Youre right I forgot to add dreams. I touched on it as dreams become more intense but I should take it further.


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May 8, 2017
Pointless dont worry about it
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