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Chronic Cholitis Hospital Stay 4 Days



Hate this being my first post. But,
I just got out of the hospital today.
After 2 days of throwing up and being
In severe pain, I was diagnosed with
Chronic Cholitis. I'm home, and am still
In a lot of pain. But not throwing up.

Does anyone have any experiences
With Chronic Cholitis?
I have good doctors, but it's
Extremely painful.
Hopefully next flare up won't end up in
The hospital.
Morphine just made me sicker.
So glad to be home. Family came
Came and saw me and took care of
My doggie but I'm glad to be
Home after 4 days.
This only makes my self harming
Urges higher and my anxiety more
Difficult to deal with.

Anyone experienced this?


Well-known member
Feb 1, 2015
Hi Raindrops. :welcome: to the forum! I hope you find it useful. I was diagnosed with Colitis a few months ago and I know the symptoms you describe well. I had the same problem with morphine - you can ask for a different painkiller though. Colitis can be linked to diet and whilst I haven't yet got firm evidence of anything in my own diet causing a flare, I am beginning to suspect that too much acidic food (especially citrus fruit) and alcohol can lead to a flare. Possibly also peanuts (go figure). Try keeping a diary with what you are eating and your symptoms. This may help you identify foods to keep to a minimum or cut out completely. Ask to see a dietician if you think you need some help. Not sure if this helps but it is important to learn about your own body and its responses. Good luck with it!