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children with voices


Anna Hawk

New member
Aug 26, 2009
I have an 11 year old daughter who has been hearing voices off and on since
she was 3 yrs of age. Bi polar disorder and depression run in my family...both sides. She seems to hear them after not having had enough sleep.
I have talked to her about keeping a detailed journal so that we can pinpoint
triggers if there are any. So far the voices are muffled and some repetitive
She finds them infuriating and would like to talk to others that may
have the same issues.
Are there sights or blogs for children with voices?... to communicate to one
another and know that they are not alone.


hi Anna, dont know about any sites, the mods may know but i know what its like to hear voices as a child



Jul 24, 2009

I know it’s not the same but I am 16 and have been hearing voices on and off for around 5-6 years and once or twice when I was younger.. I didn’t tell my mum or any one, but hearing your concern for your daughter it sort of makes me wish I did.

Sorry I don’t know of any sites or blogs about it, but maybe your daughter could start her own blog on blog sites I’m sure someone that reads it will know of some websites or just reply to your daughters blogs.

I only really admitted to my hearing voices earlier this year, before then i told no1 and i find talking about it on here and to the one of my friends that knows it has helped me. There are many very clever people on here that will be able to help you with finding sites better that can help.

I wish your daughter all the best I personally know it is hard. But you seem like a very supportive mum, she is lucky to have your support.

Good Luck and welcome to this site..
T x

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