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child pointing at ceiling hearing voices last 2 weeks.....



May 2, 2020
i watched a video called a deliverance it wasnt a nice video and very much regret it i do have mental health problems anxiety and depression, but since the video i felt a burning feeling down me i got healed by a medium but i heard voices that was nice saying dont worry jason everything will be alright,

then heard lucifer satan, etc names that i dont belive are real, i have seen shadows in the corner and my child has scratched herself, i have seen a medium and says i am loved which i believe i am, but the voices are very deep dark in my head like a devil, and then says your death is near and dark laughing but i belive this must be schizopherenia it has to be the more i belive the less it has become which i do believe it is....

i watched a video of arch angel micheal which was beautiful, and heard his voice it replys yes no yes no or any of that, i dont know what ive done wrong apart from feeling being scratched since watching the video healing from a medium healed me in terms of that but i dont know where to go got a phycyatrist appointment in may originally for depression, but now i got this new thing they have no idea i am having but i am very strong minded but dont like the fact my child points to ceiling saying look she is only 3, then after your death is near because i put the voices in a dog poo bin in my head closing the door on rubbish which i dont belive is real, it said ok ok il give you one more chance if you bla bla bla cant remember much after that and it hasnt came back since but do get cold breezes when the word demon pops to my head 500 times a day but goes away when i tell my self schizophernia which i have to or do belive...


Apr 10, 2020
It's ok, the voices aren't real. Compromising with them will only bring harm. I always tell them to be quiet.