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Changing to WRAG



Hey everyone,

So due to my mental health improving, come January, I'll be moved to WRAG (ESA).
That will be around £46 less than what I'm getting now.
I have £100 therapy fees per session and £60 towards living at home. I'll have to give up my private psychiatrist. :/
So I'm a bit worried.

I'm also concerned about being forced back to work before I've gone through stress management in association with bipolar disorder with my therapist. Over working myself is what triggered the acute bipolar episode.

In addition, my background is nursing, which I can't do anymore due to a muscular disease which is fair enough. My personal plan is to study occupational health and safety at university in September 2017 so I won't have to worry about WRAG for too long.

Can they downgrade you to JSA?

I'm happy to work but I need my degree first. Just because I can sit at a shop till, that doesn't mean Tesco will hire me. I found this out when applying for jobs and working just over a year ago.
I need to re-train and obtain a qualification in a different line of work that I can physically do.

I'm also concerned about sanctions.

My welfare rights officer was saying that you are asked to keep a daily living diary in WRAG. I'm honestly not good with keeping diaries. :/

I am scared I'm going to be prodded like cattle back into work before my degree starts and before my therapy finishes.

I have also read that in April 2017, WRAG is getting cut by £30? If that's true, there goes my therapist.

I can't go back to the NHS for psychiatric treatment just yet, I have put in a complaint regarding my previous care with them and private care is so much better, they're helping me recover where as I'd still be ill if I remained with the NHS. :/


Well-known member
Oct 10, 2016
Hi, a couple of things I do know.. Firstly WRAG is only being cut by the £30 for new claims, so this shouldn't affect you. I was in WRAG and found them helpful and non-pushy but I guess that depends on who your advisor is. I would just wait and see what is said when you have your appointment.

hope it works out for you.