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changing Anti D's



Founding Member
Mar 13, 2008
im in the middle of changing my anti deperessant. this is my first day with out any and ive got tomorrow to go before i start my new ones thurs....im really nervous bout the change as ive been on the ones im coming off for 4 years so its a reluctant change, but felt i couldnt feel any worse then i do now. im waiting for the crisis team to phone me today but the wait is agonising and i just want someone to talk too. my mood is black im self harming and doing other self destructive things anything to take the edge off.i think my anxiety is bad today because im off my AD's and it will take at least 4weeks for thes new ones to kick in so i know im in for a rough ride....just dont know what to do anymore,cant see the point in fighting.


It will take time for the new meds to kick in but it will also take a little while for the old ones to leave your system. Ring the Samaritans if it gets too bad. Lots of people have started blogs here and let it all out big time. Keep on going and post any time you need to talk. :hug: