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Changed my life (feeling great)



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Dec 12, 2010
Hi all

Been a long time since i posted and wow how things have changed. I will apologies now as this is going to belong and i hope you all bear with me

Just a bit of history before i start rambling. I was diagnosed in 2010 with bipolar after having a major manic episode. The truth is i have always been somewhat mentally unwell since my mid teens. I've been going through the motions of therapy and taking medication up until early 2014 but it wasn't until i changed my attitude that i got truly better.

I am now doing amazingly, i am a better more attentive husband and father. I have confidence and i have aspirations and am very much excited about my future.

So how did it happen?

First i stopped listening to the aholes that would put me down and even flat out call me a liar saying i was faking my illness. I didn't just stop listening i called them out on there BS. I don't need and won't have negative people in my life they will contribute nothing but misery. They have their own issues and subconsciously need to elevate themselves at your expense.

Second i needed to truly believe in myself and that i could beat this. In fact it went beyond just believing, it became inevitable in my mind. If it didn't come naturally i was going to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Lastly i began to realize that a big part of my problem was that my life expectations were not met. So i began to make plans, what did i want to accomplish? This part took a while to figure out and i somewhat still don't know but i do know that i don't want to just be a man of success but a man of value. Again my state of mind is that i will make it happen and it is inevitable.

Some of you may think im setting myself up for failure with this attitude but i've applied this to other areas of my life. When i came off my medication i began gambling like crazy and you could say i was addicted . I almost financially ruined myself and my family but thankfully i didn't. Once i got it into my head that i didn't need it and it was inevitable that i would stop it became almost easy.

I could probably go on for another few paragraphs about various things but i will leave it at that now.

I would love to talk to you all and offer encouragement where i can. So please feel free to reply or message me.


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Oct 21, 2014
Hi adzesc

Thanks for posting this.

It is wonderful to hear how you managed to turn things around. I am very glad you are so much better. Hearing about your experiences will give others hope and inspiration.