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Certain words triggering memories...



New member
Dec 6, 2009
Without going into too much detail, a couple of years back I was with a partner I met online. Towards the end, the relationship went totally sour and my then partner was... Well, emotionally abusing me. Ever since I broke it up, (end of 2008), my ex has been harassing me via email and stalking me across many websites and forums, and it has led to me having problems with anxiety that my doctor has referred me to a counsellor for.

Contact was made from my ex over Christmas where they made another email address just to send me a message even though they're 100% aware that I don't want contact with them. This has led to a lot of words, people, games/shows etc. being sort of "associated" with my ex. As soon as I hear or see anything I instantly get reminded of the bad times.

The most damaging one is the most recent email, where I got something relating to foxes, my favourite animal. I am part of some forums dedicated to wildlife and foxes etc., and whenever I see the word fox written down or whenever I think of I immediately start feeling stressed out and depressed thinking back on what all the harassment has done to me...

It might take weeks for the referral from the doctor to come through and get an appointment set up, so I was wondering... What can I do in the meantime? I don't want everything I do reminded me of all the abuse I went through, I just want to forget the past, but every time I try something, (usually the stalker through a new email address, or me think they've found me when I see other people using their mannerisms), it all comes flooding back... I'm tired of feeling like a victim, I just want my life back... :(

How can I start to stop certain words and phrases reminding me?


just my tu'pence

rewrite the words....

juxtaposotion into a new phrase.....

long journey but exciting

good luck

just a thought

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