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Certain words and names/images trigger me all the time



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Nov 9, 2013
Well, as the title says I'm constantly on a daily basis triggered with high anxiety attacks by the above. I don't really want to say what the words are or the images as I'm embarrassed and ashamed.

Basically, whenever a triggering word/image appears (and they often do, if I'm watching TV it's almost constant or if I'm searching the web) I immediately replace the thought with another word/image to counteract the original trigger. It's totally exhausting... I know this method is a safety behaviour but I don't know how else to deal with them, that's what I want to ask you guys.

If I don't do the safety behaviour then I can't get the original trigger out of my head and I feel super uncomfortable and anxious. I'm worried that if I don't do the SB then I'll end up in a much worse position than when I do it, much much worse (perhaps it will stay with me forever or it will interfere with my interactions with other people etc). What am I supposed to do, do I try and desensitize myself to them, perhaps purposefully producing the thoughts, if so when does it get better because I've tried that and I feel worse, I also wouldn't know when to stop, could I be thinking them constantly for an hour or more, would that even help? Another way could be to not do the safety behaviour and try and ignore the thoughts until they disperse.

Though these methods of dealing with it may sound helpful, I've no idea if it's actually beneficial in the long run, I just don't understand why there isn't a go-to method for dealing with intrusive thoughts, OCD has been known about for so long now by very intelligent people yet whenever you search for a solution there tends to be tens, if not hundreds of them and all seem hit and miss and incredibly hard to implement.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most most welcome, thank you for reading if you have.


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Jul 8, 2019
hi Darby

I relate to this
feels a bit like bailing out a leaky boat !

I say my affirmations in the morning in the shower
somehow the only place I will do it

I have identified the key words that trigger me
and made up affirmations to counteract them
with the opposite idea

I find there is more to it though
I need to be not getting too isolated
if you can get a therapist or group therapy

or phone a friend

or sometimes write out your issues
for me the underlying trigger needs working on

thats just me, I have no professional training

:grouphug: ✨
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