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CBT v phychiatrist



New member
Apr 20, 2010
I have been hearing voices for a few weeks now. There are three or four 'bad' voices who tell me things and have made me self harm as I went against them. I had one 'good' voice but that has gone now.
I was having CBT for depression and things were going well but now my GP has sent me to a psychiatrist for the voices which means that the CBT has to end. I think this is wrong as I have built up a trusting relationship with my therapist and feel that he understands me well.
When I went to the psychiatrist, he asked if I recognised any of the voices. I said that one sounded like someone I used to work with to which he said "do you honestly believe that since you left working there that they have developed a technology that can transfer voices to people's heads? Imagine how the army would benefit from this and how much money can be made". He continued in this manner for about five minutes. I switched off and listened to my head instead. He then said "you do realise the voices are all in your head don't you?"
My question to anyone how has ploughed their way through this, is should I continue with the psychiatrist and his wonder drugs or fight for the CBT Therapist? I feel tempted when I next see him to just say that the voices are nearly gone!
I Hope someone out there can advise me.


Ive done some CBT work on my own before - I worked with "Feeling Good" last summer.

I have to say, I HATED the book and the author, but I still got something out of the experience. I think its a really good idea to be checking in with your pdoc about it. Obviously, a therapist would be best no chance of getting some sliding scale therapy or anything, I guess?, but if thats not possible, I still think youll be able to get something out of doing it on your own.
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