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CBD oil to help anxiety?



Well-known member
Nov 20, 2020
United Kingdom
Has anyone any positive stories trying CBD oil for anxiety? Or psychosis?

If so, what brand do you recommend and where do you buy yours?


Well-known member
Jun 4, 2020
The Universe
Has anyone any positive stories trying CBD oil for anxiety? Or psychosis?

If so, what brand do you recommend and where do you buy yours?
I find CBD oil helpful for mild anxiety but not if it gets really bad. It has helped many though. It also very expensive for a good, strong one.


New member
Feb 11, 2021
I buy this CBD oil in Lapeer, Michigan not sure if I can mention brand or store. I feel that it really helps me to stay calm and also focus at work at home since this pandemic really takes a toll on me. The staff explains to me the benefits and effect, they even have this CBD for pets and yeah I give it a try :)
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