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CBD Oil. Need an honest opinion...



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Founding Member
Jan 7, 2008
old style dope helps with anxiety and depression theres just the risk of psychosis, i know people say they're not schitzoprenic but as one gp said you don't know that


New member
Jan 11, 2020
yo12 5bs
I’ve been reading and watching reviews about CBD oil. Most videos and articles has tons of reviews and comments. Each review and comment, almost, has a link for a company. It looks like an advertisement campaign to promote this stuff. On the other had, whoever posts anything against CBD oil or simply stating their own opinion and experience of it not working get attacked or ridiculed or told “ oh, you are not taking this brand or that”.

One guy even posted a video of himself using it for the first time and he was depressed because he lost a child. After an hour he was joking and up and ready to go out and get to business. I was like you gotta be kidding me.

Has anyone tried CBD oil? How did you find to be? Is it really working???
I tried it to suppress eczema as there was rave reviews about it online , I bought some from Holland and Barrett and dropped the tincture under my tongue - well I lost my appetite for a week and felt like throwing myself off a cliff the depression lasted for 6 months
only UK NHS website warned of feeling suicidal from it but I had already taken it when I read it
My reaction was rare but there is a negative side to CBD oil - it is serotonin - I also developed mild serotonin syndrome and there is nothing mild about it
yet I had smoked dope with thc in it in the past and had no problem
be warned