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Cause of Social Phobia That Goes Overlooked



Well-known member
Oct 15, 2009
country cottage

my husband researched this subject several years ago. he spoke to his gp who disagreed .that murcury was harmfull. my husband had all his mercury fillings replaced by white ones quite costly but worth it. i have my mercury fillings replaced as required and they are nearly all gone. i dont know if it has helped or not but my teeth look better. my daughter only had white fillings,she only has two i think. the saying; as mad as a hatter; originates from people whose job was making hats in the old days, used murcury in the process, hence the term.


Jan 4, 2010
:scared: I hope mercury doesn't do that. It would certainly explain my shyness though.

My dad had a huge 2 liter bottle of the stuff that I used to sneak into as a kid and play with. He kept it out of reach but for a curious kid like me that only made it more appealing. It was pretty cool stuff, unexpectedly heavy but cool.