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Caring Connections


Caring Connections

New member
Jun 20, 2016
Hi folks, I would like to introduce a new service called Caring Connections which is managed by Support in Mind Scotland a national mental health organisation that support all affected by mental ill health including families and friends (carers) of those experiencing mental ill health.

Caring Connections has been set up to provide 1:1 support for those families who have someone with forensic mental health units in Scotland. Supporting someone who has been detained in these units can be very distressing, and families are not always aware of the process associated with forensic units. People can find themselves in secure psychiatric units and under the care of forensic units if they have committed a serious criminal offence whilst ill, or if it is suspected that they may have a mental disorder. People can be detained pending a mental health assessment before, during and after court proceedings.

It is a very complex area - Caring Connections has been set up to support families through this process.

For more information look at Support in Mind Scotland | Home or the Caring Connection page https://www.supportinmindscotland.org.uk/News/caring-connections-our-new-national
or call 0131 6624359
email address [email protected]
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Jan 7, 2008
i'm not in scotland and it feels like to me concentrating on those who've behaved in serious criminal ways