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Carers in mind-Introduction: It's real for them



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Mar 23, 2009
Posted by Stuart Sorensen 11 June 2018

Caring for people with psychosis can be both stressful and mystifying. People who hear voices and respond to visions that the carer can neither hear nor see present particular problems and frustrations. It’s distressing for the individual voice-hearer and, for different reasons it’s distressing for their relatives and other carers as well.

Carers in mind: It’s real for them – Mind the care training

To help those who hear voices.


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Sep 12, 2013
Thanks for posting. I thought there were a few interesting points, but most of it was covered by my husband's mental health team in the first few meetings with them so nothing new for me and I didn't think he explained it very well. May well be useful for others who have had less professional support though. I'm taking part in some research projects particularly aimed at supporting carers of people with psychosis (both of which explain things much more clearly) and talking to people around the country I have realised we seem to be exceptionally lucky with my husband's mental health team.
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