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Carers and confidentiality in mental health



Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I do think information should be shared with carers and I think carer's thoughts/opinions on how someone is should be taken into consideration far more than it currently is.


Active member
Aug 10, 2015
This is a big problem for carers,especialy if the person you care for is over a certain age.A therapist said to me that all the privacy rules surrounding mental health can be a huge barrier to helping the person who is ill.My son keeps changing residence,changing doctor, hasnt worked for nearly a year, has broken off with all his friends,and is an emotional wreck, he is in a very bad way.The record of an assessment he had 5yrs ago seems to have been lost in the system, so his present doctor has no idea that he has BPD and sends him for therapies that dont work, to the extent that he has lost faith in everyone..I cant tell you the amount of help lines I have asked for advice on what to do to resolve this problem.Most of the advice I was given was wrong ,even the telephone numbers they gave me were wrong.I have asked them to inform his doctor of his assessment,and that the Community Mental health team want to give him another assessment.I dont want to speak to his doctor,I dont want to tell him anything.I just want him to know what has happened.Has anybody got any advice. Has anybody else been through this.
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