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Caregiver. Please Tell Me How to Help

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New member
Jul 6, 2020
Northeast USA

I’ve spent 3 years trying to help my girlfriend with crippling depression.

Counseling, Meds, drugs. You name it.


Every day she really really wants to die. I mean really wants to. I talk her down on a daily basis at this point. She hates herself. She says she’s hideous. A burden. A waste of money and space.
However, she’s the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met.
She has a dark pit of depression inside her brain that rules it.

meds only“put a swimming pool cover over the depression “ but itisn’t gone. It isjust capped off so she can function normally on the surface but she still feels like dying continuously inside. Even on meds.

Mushrooms didn’t help. A laundry list of meds from the psychiatrist didn’t help. Counseling didn’t help.
She was abused mentally and physically as a child and took it all in and believes it.
Ive convinced her to stay around to at least try the mushrooms, which didn’t do anything because we can’t seem to get good ones. Next up would be electroshock therapy which she wants to try.
She wants to erase her memories and feelings somehow.
Weed helps her but only for a couple hours then wears off.

I can’t figure out what to do!

Can someone please help me??


New member
Jul 6, 2020
Northeast USA
I figure someone with depression might have advice on what I should do.


May 25, 2020
Hello Caregiver. I am really sorry to hear of all you and your girlfriend are going through. Depression can be so hard to treat. You say your girlfriend has had counselling but has she ever had a different kind of therapy? I never found counselling helpful myself but I found cognitive analytical therapy beneficial. I am not saying it has made me feel okay now but it has taught me a lot. I was wondering if having that kind of therapy and focusing on your girlfriends self esteem may be an idea? It is wonderful she has your support and you want to be there for her. Your love will help so much.
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