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care manager ?



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Jul 23, 2009
south london,england
dear all, hope this is in the right spot. I have a question, I've been told that I really should have a care manager but what is this? is it similar to a social worker? I have neither, it was suggested to me by my welfare and benefits adviser at Mind today.

If I asked my pyschiatrist would i get one?



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I have been waitingfor a care coordinator for over a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you do better than I have the reason is short staffed.


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Havent got a cluemaybe they "Care" that would be a novelity.


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just a guess here but i would think that a care manager would over see your care plan or if you havent got one, get one done and make sure it is followed.

where i work (use to work) we had to do care plans for our clients, everyone who was involved in the care of them were involved and the care manager followed the procedures to implicate the plan as best they could for the person.

as i said its a guess as i worked with LD/MH people.

ETA- the client who had the care plan was the person who had most say and we were not not allowed to go against their wishes unless they were a danger to themselves. the care plan is suppose to be a postive for the person involved and not negative.
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I agree with unremarkable.

If you are under the MH services you should have been appointed a care manager/co-ordinator. They are the person who acts as a co-oridnator and liason between all of the services you might use such as therapy, psychiatrists, CPNs social workers, doctors etc. They are also usually the person that refers you to appropriate treatment and services provided by your local authority.

Some care managers are your CPN. You may already have one but don't know it. Although you should have been told who they are.

I would ask someone involved in your care as soon as possible and if they haven't referred you request one asap.

Jamesdean I would see if it is policy for your health authority to appoint one, and get one asap. Because whilst you don't have one you might be missing out on referrals you may be eligible for. :)