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Cardiff Concern

Regal House
Gelligaer Lane
CF14 3JS

02920 664410
[email protected]

Monday to Friday 10am - 9pm

Cardiff Concern is a charitable counselling service run by Christians. At present, we have 30 volunteer counsellors who have been professionally trained in counselling, who give their time and skills to the service.

The qualifications of all our counsellors range from level 3 in counselling skills, to Diploma, Degree and MAs. Our purpose is not to convert or influence people in Christianity, but to help people in their time of need, whatever their religious views, if any, using secular counselling skills. We do, however, offer Biblical exploration and Prayer in relation to your situation, but this request must come from yourself. Many of those people referred to us have no faith. Some clients are of other faiths. This we believe reiterates how respectable we are of people and our desire to help people respectively.

Referrals from GPs, hospitals, health and social workers, Churches and past clients.



Cardiff Adult Self Injury Project

Ty Canna
40 Market Rd


CASIP has an open-minded and non-judgemental approach to supporting adults who self-injure. All groups are led by current or ex service users.

We currently run a weekly supportive self-help group on Monday evenings at 7pm.

Fun, social activities include
  • Hand crafts such as card making, tie-dying and cake making
  • Games nights
  • Dvd nights
  • Quizzes
  • Outdoor events such as BBQ's
  • Going out for a meal, going to the theatre or the cinema

Self-help activities include
  • Happy boxes
  • Crisis resource cards
  • Confidence building
  • Talks from professionals e.g. mental health OT, mental health physio, pharmacist
  • Distraction techniques
  • Sleep hygiene

Self Referral
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