Car rides local or long haul car rides/anxieties



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Aug 1, 2014
Hi, Morning folks,

I was out in the afternoon, and I felt in advance slighty, I wonder, I'll trial me without my bands for anxiety purposes, and you all know what,riding in car along side father, I was absolutely fine, overcome my anxieites completely.

His mind or concentration, went a bit, so I had to say, watch the road.

Apart from that, I am completely fine now. Long haul, driivng, well I shouldn't like to think, that could anxiety about me, in the sense, of, a long way to go, and we are now touring with idea, of holidaying within this country. Vague possiblity of either Eastbourne, or Bournemouth. Anyway, it's not set in stone, so to speak, nothing definite, planning wise. Not at the moment.

Best regards all,


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