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Jan 9, 2019
About Myself=Studied Web Development, Computer Technician. Schizophrenia/Disorganized Thought ASD/Aspergers(Savant Skills X2)
Why I joined=Less than 1 hour social contact/week

If you want advice here you will get advice from here.
If you want advice from a doctor, you will get left overs of science facts
If you want science facts try 'US National Library of Medicine'

It doesn't mean you will understand from one article.
Some reasonable Understanding may come from 500-1500 articles at about 15 minutes each.

Have you ever been to school and seen how much more you understood when you left school than when you were at kindergarten?

Mental Health Default - Specific to Person Statement:

Often Environment is overlooked. What would you define your environment factors as?

What would you define about factors of yourself?

Please note to start with: Good advice can fix many things. I remember telling someone with bipolar that if they were given the right support they could be playing their own sort of orchastera

Mental Health Default - General Start Statement:

Preface: Please don't say names. I also suffer from mental illness and would like my issues seperate from me.

What is the labelled illnesses? I actually labelled illnesses because In the US National Library of Medicine it says Mental Health Diagnosis is 60% of the time in research cases wrong

There could be groups here:

What was the knowledge situation?

What was the emotional situation around the knowledge?

Without assuming what he thinks What sort of things does he usually like to think?

I myself, i admit to it, have aspergers and schizophrenia / disorganized thought. I have been in the mental health system over 20 years, 5 years of hospital experience and am said to have reasonably good reasoning skills. That doesn't mean however I have standard medical training and can only contribute experiences and information I have outside of clinical although as above you probably weren't aware 60% of diagnoses were incorrect in US Studies.