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Can't sleep :(



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Oct 11, 2008
I've never been much of a sleeper, but the last two weeks I make an effort to go to bed the same time as my partner, but I wake up an hour or 2 in to the night and then cant get back to sleep. I have sleeping pills from my friends mum (i cant go to a doctor) but they don't work so well and they taste horrible for about 16 hours after I take them. Anyone have any tips to sleep through the night? x


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Oct 4, 2009
Hi xx

im the same.. cant sleep..

i really dont think you should take your friends mums tablets.. especially if it is giving you side effects (bad taste) xxx

have u tried reading, listening to light music, listening to an audio book?

nothin works for me anymore but listening to an audio book used to work more than anything.. xx

why dont you go to the chemist and try some over the counter sleeping aids.. ?

hope you find something :) i know how frustrating the non sleeping is xxx

Good luck x


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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Hi abertha :].

Sorry to hear you're not sleeping good :hug: It's one of the worst feelings ever not being able to sleep. Do you feel tired & aren't able to 'drop off' or do you wake up and that's it you're wide awake?

I agree with lehcar24, you shouldn't be taking anyone elses medication. It's prescribed to them & for them - what works for one doesn't work for another. Not to mention it can be quite dangerous, please don't use them again especially as you mention a side effect.
Over-the-counter sleeping tablets do work for a few days, why not give them ago? You could even speak to the pharmacist? :].
How come you can't go see a doc?

I hope you have a better night tonight :sleep::hug:
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