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can't relax in my own house...help



New member
Oct 2, 2009
hello everyone

I've been in my new home for 6 months now. It is my first home (from moving out from my parents) which I have moved into with my fiancee.

I feel as though I'm trapped in a nightmare which I have no escape. I get anxious from just being in the house. We live over the road from a newsagents and butchers and we get cars pulling in all the time and slamming their car doors from 6am, it just feels like loud noise to me and it feels like it gets louder all the time.

I find it difficult to relax and just watch television or do something. Also we have a family of four next to us and they make quite a bit of noise banging about and a young kid that shouts too and that also affects me and Iam really struggling to ignore it and get on with my life. I can't sleep at night now and have to wear earplugs to block out the noise from next door and outside.

My fiancee is able to ignore and block it all out and manage just fine, why can't I? I feel as though I've made the biggest mistake moving here. I just feel like walking away from it all but I couldn't bare to lose my fiancee or worse I feel like killing myself. The doctors don't care and don't help.

I'm about to start a course of hypnotherapy, my therapist thinks he can help resolve my anxieties.

Has anybody felt the same? I feel so stupid for feeling like this.



I get like it a lot. I don't watch TV any more; I hate it.

Noise really annoys me. Some of us need peace.

quality factor

Hi, know what you mean about constant noise. I think once you become aware of noise, it seems to become louder and louder until you have a sensitivity to it.
I hope that the hypnotherapy is successful for you...let us know how you get on.



Well-known member
Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
hi sorry you are feeling like this. noise really stresses me out. sometimes im sooooo stressed and i realise that the tv is on the radio is on, the kids are shouting, the washing machine is going. its all too much. i went through a spell when i couldnt sleep for the noise outside, birds cheeping, cars driving past. to be honest i think i was stressed at the time and then i noticed the noise, not the other way about.

what about trying some soothing music on when your home alone, and keep wearing the earplugs in bed. i used to have a sound of the waves cd to put on if i woke up in themiddle of the nite

hope to help x


Active member
Oct 16, 2009
East Anglia
I have simliar issues can never seem to relax at home anymore. All it takes is to hear someone banging about outside or a dog barking, even hearing my neighbours making noise (even thought thy're not particularly bad and you can only hear them when it's totally silent) and it winds me up in a kind of building tension. It all bugs me so bad that I always have to have my fan and music on, even at night when i'm asleep, just for background noise to cover up outside noise :unsure:


New member
Oct 29, 2009
Sheffield, UK
Yes... I have been like this for years. Anywhere I have lived that has a main door leading onto the road I have always been scared off... and I dont know why!

I get scared of noises, people breaking in and someone coming in and killing me... I know its irrational but I cant help it!

My best advise is move into an apartment on a high floor or that faces into a courtyard so you dont have the cars and people outside... works for me.

Also nesting... cleaning and re-arranging things helps me a wierd way as it becomes a distration, I know it helps me feel more comfortable!

Good luck xxx


I havent mentioned this before but for about a year now there is a building site just along the road n I have been feeling very disturbed by it all there are gangs of builders hanging around every where they stare right through when you go out they are for wantof a better word bullies they walk past the window n they are on the mobile phones they smoke n through the butts all along the street,they are always swearing.It is disgusting they sit in there cars reading the sun newspaper looking at page three eating there sandwichs. I have never been so disgusted by a group of people ever.All this has made me feelsounsettled n I'm not able to decide if I want to move cities though I know its not fair to make a judgement just until they have gone because its normally quite a peace full area.

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