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Cant read anymore because of depression/anxiety.....



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Nov 18, 2018
Calgary alberta
i have severe GAD and depression i dont think im bipolar. im 30 years old and having no luck with SSRI's they did work in the past but not anymore. i swear i have difficulty reading a simple sentence. i was able to read fine as a kid and teen but depression has really kept me stuck in my thoughts for years without exercising my brain. ive lost alot of my cognitive ability. ill have to read things 2 or 3 times to understand it (or try to understand it) and pronouncing words is much harder than it use to be. my mind is stuck on negative thoughts and it cant focus or switch its attention to anything else without major difficulty! i beleive its a combination of depression, anxiety and ADD. please i need help i havent been able to work in years. also does anyone know how you can be tested for ADD like a learning centre i can go to who can determine if i have ADD or a learning disability of some sort?


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Jul 23, 2015
England. Derbyshire
I feel exactly as you described.
i have to record all programmes I watch on tv so I
can watch them again before the nest episode.

i try reading but mostly haven’t a clue what I read because
my mind is elsewhere and will not absorb anything.
Thoughts are negative and even if I try it’s almost impossible.

I to have been diagnosed with GAD and treatment resistant
depression amongst other things.
SSRI’s don’t work for me nor many other classes of drugs.

I have no experience of ADD.
Can you ask for an assessment. Your GP may be able to make
a referral.

I can’t diagnose, but your symptoms sound really bad depression andGAD
Possibly these are causing you to worry about ADD.

I hope you can find help,
Best Wishes


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Jan 7, 2020
Severe depression causes cognitive impairment. Anxiety makes it worse. When depression will improve, cognition will recover too.

I’ve been suffering from severe depression with anxiety (they are best friends😰) for 2 years. It started when I quit Lexapro that I was on for 20 years due to my health problem. I’m better than before but i’m still not ok cognitively right now . So I cannot go back to work.

When I was horribly severely depressed, I was unable to read or understand contents well . I’ve been on Prozac for 16 weeks now. So i’m a bit better. Now I can read a bit more lately.

I’m a mental health care professional in the US. Yes we test people to check if they have ADHD/ADD. Psychologists can test it. If you really wants to know your ability, neuropsychologists test your ability. .