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Cant handle the emotional pain!



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Jan 26, 2015
Hi everyone
Thanks so much hospital:)I really appreciate the assistance. I found it easily following your instructions so bless you for taking the time to do that!
I cant imagine how it would be for you not even being able to see your GF :(
So sorry you have to go through that heartache because for us BPDers separation from those we love is intolerable most times! For me anyway!
I am struggling now more than I ever had with these awful debilitating emotions that affect me physically, causing me to feel ill constantly and keeping me awake most nights. I require more and more meds to just manage how I feel and I hate my inability to control my emotional outbursts!
I have not yet found a therapist who does DBT and no other form of counselling has had any result for me.
I cling to my faith and pray I will one day find peace inside myself
For all of you wonderful folks I pray the same
Bless you all


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Feb 5, 2015
Birmingham, UK
If this is the situation I think it would be good for you to ask about SNRI's. They are a type of antidepressant but they're not for everyone-They are really useful for people who have physical symptoms of depressive episodes. They helped me a lot, a year ago, when episodes would leave me bedridden with constant migraines