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Can't figure out what phobia this is



New member
Jan 27, 2017
I was talking to my girlfriend, and she shared with me, what I can only consider a phobia. She said that anything that isn't the size she expects it to be causes her a lot of anxiety and fear. She told me that this has brought her to tears, even as a teenager. She can deal with it better now, as she is older, but it still causes her a lot of anxiety. Her fear arises from items that aren't the size she expects them to be. She told me of a couple examples from when she was younger. One involved the first time she saw a full size poodle. She had thought that poodles were only small lap dogs until she saw a full grown one when she was little. It brought her to tears. Another example she gave me was once when she was younger, her grandma's neighbor brought over a mushroom that took 2 arms to carry and was bigger than a pizza. She didn't cry, but it caused her so much anxiety that she couldn't even be in the same room as it. Her grandma chopped it up and cooked it, and she couldn't bring herself to eat it. This all came up, because she was telling me a story about a friend of a friend she was supposed to meet. In her mental picture of this girl, she was short, but when she actually met her, she was extremely tall for a girl (over 6 feet). This made her extremely uncomfortable. I have been looking online for the past 2 hours trying to find the name of this phobia, but I haven't found anything even close. I looked into megalophobia and Mikrophobia and one other that had something to do with objects next to each other that were different sizes (I don't remember the name of that one), but it's not necessarily large or small objects that she is scared of, but any object that isn't the size she expected. I've almost come to the conclusion that she is patient zero for this one. I would appreciate any ideas. It's not an emergency or anything, but I'm curious. Actually, I'm past that at this point. I looked at a list of over 500 phobias and found nothing resembling her fear. Now, I really want to know if they are going to have to come up with a name for her new phobia :p. Thanks for your ideas.

Unknown ✧

Jan 27, 2017
In entire honesty, I have never heard of her phobia. I apologize to the fullest that I cannot find the name of such phobia, but I promise you I took a long look on Google. All I can conclude is that she suffers a great deal from both of the phobias you mentioned. But in a whole different way as in when she expects the large object to be small, she fears how large it is which in turn is megalophobia. When she expects a small object to be large, she fears how small it is which in turn is mikrophobia. So in a way, she could struggle with both phobias. Hope this helps and that your life with your girlfriend is wondrous!