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Can't cope with being on my own



Mar 8, 2010
West Sussex

The title says it all really. I have chronic depression, social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder, and I got out of hospital in March. Since then, I have been spending a lot of time with my parents but they are saying they think I need to become more independent (I'm 29). I have my own apartment but I just hate being here on my own. They dropped me off this afternoon and I'm running out of coping strategies - I've watched 5 episodes of Friends, had a meal and checked to see if anyone's online or on Facebook - nothing. I don't want to ring my parents as I know they're really, really tired from a stressful day but I just don't know what to do. I live in Switzerland, I don't know anyone in my apartment block because I was in hospital when they last had a social and anyway they all speak French... don't know anyone in the village and my closest neighbours from church moved back to the States this weekend... my parents live 45 minutes away and I can't drive anyway and it's too late to call them to come and get me and anyway they want me to be independent and I don't want to upset them and I can just feel this panic rising up in me...


Active member
May 27, 2010

Hi I hope you are felling ok. I know what you mean about being alone I am 30 have a partnet my own home and two children since my breakdown last october I have not been on my own my mum is always with me until my partner finishes work then he is with me. my mum helps with my kids and i cant go out alone I cant even go to see my friends they come to me.

If you want to speak to me Im here I am on facebook also I have trouble sleeping as I have to stay awake to make sure my family are still in the house. I feel irrational but the ind is so complex
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