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Cannabis, synthetic cannabinoids, and psychosis risk: What the evidence says



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Mar 23, 2009
Cannabis, synthetic cannabinoids, and psychosis risk: What the evidence says

Over the past 50 years, anecdotal reports linking
cannabis sativa (marijuana) and psychosis
have been steadily accumulating, giving rise
to the notion of “cannabis psychosis.” Despite this historic
connection, marijuana often is regarded as a “soft
drug” with few harmful effects. However, this benign
view is now being revised, along with mounting research
demonstrating a clear association between cannabis
and psychosis.
In this article, I review evidence on marijuana’s impact
on the risk of developing psychotic disorders, as
well as the potential contributions of “medical” marijuana
and other legally available products containing
synthetic cannabinoids to psychosis risk.



My family have concluded that street drug use sent me mad - the first diagnosis was 'drug induced psychosis' - the psych at the last appointment said that what I'd suffered from was schizophrenia exasperated by heavy drug use.

Maybe this is the truth of it all? Maybe there is something in the make up of some people that make them more prone to experience psychosis with cannabis/drug use? Something in their physiology/psychology?

It is all a definite part of it all with me.

Maybe there are aren't some of the deeper meanings & other stuff going on with things; & it is 'simply' a case of all this?

Miss Moody

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Nov 1, 2010
yes I am the same, I had drug induced psychosis many times, and sometimes it lasted 6 hours and sometimes it went the full 24 hours before I returned to normal. Scary really. If only I had known before I would have never smoked super skunk, and done lots of recreational drugs. But hey ho you live and learn. Alot of mine was due to peer pressure, I started smoking weed when I was just 15. Ever since 20 years old I thought I was going mad, and yes indeed I was. At 25 I got diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic features but since then also been diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder.

I do believe that the drugs are a lot to blame, and I know alot of other people who say the same. Ive always thought I was suffering from schizophrenia and I was always worried about that but no ones diagnosed me as of yet and Im glad in a way, I know my pdoc thinks that but because Im quite high functioning I dont think she wants me to go though life with the attached stigma of schizophrenia.

I definately beleive that there is something physically in the brain that makes you more prone to psychosis whilst taking canabis and it can lead to life debilitating mental illness.


There are some cannabis compunds that have anti-psychotic properties, sadly Skunk in its engineered formed has none of these and I wonder how much this is responsible for the link between cannabis and mental illness.

My initial diagnosis was the same as yours, Apo, and the follow up diagnosis, my cannabis use was also supplemented by the use of a lot of stimulants, ecstacy and psychedelics. I'm beginning to wonder if the insights gained from drugs are truly insights or a pseudo-spiritual experience caused by synesthesia and induced psychosis.

Wondering if theres a lot more going on seems a dead end to me, its probably a question I can't answer until after I'm dead! I fluctuate a lot about it and other things, but I'm beginning to realise in my case that it demonstrates the Buddhist idea of impermanence. I have my meditation, the rest like a lot of things in life, just seems to over complicate things.
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i dont think i experienced a bad effect with cannabis but who knows, ive never expressed what i go through as a type of psychosis. i had synesthesia (since childhood) without taking it. and still have it.

shyte im probably just delusional most of the time anyway.

havent had any for over a year, dont miss it
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