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Can you please explain self harm to me?


Dazed & Confused

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Oct 19, 2021
I use food and overeating to deal with overpowering emotions. I don't eat a huge amount but I eat when I'm feeling emotional (and not hungry) and then I throw up. And after I have thrown up the overpowering emotions have gone and I feel peaceful. Throwing up like this is kind of addictive for me. Is self harm like that?

My eating disorder has nothing to do with dieting or weight loss.


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Aug 6, 2021
Kent U.K.
Copied from healthline.com

“Self-injury can mirror substance addiction because it’s a form of self-medication that someone may crave and may have trouble stopping. People who self harm often describe a specific type of high, relief, connectedness, or sense of calm.”


Nov 25, 2019
From my experience I have used self harm as a way to distract myself from the psychological pain as the physical was far more familiar and easier to process.


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Mar 1, 2021
I think it's a fairly recent thing as I say it definitely didnt happen when I was a teenager, definitely not in my high school anyway , plus I knew people from other schools and it wasnt happening there either
Hi, it isn't a recent thing. I started when I was very young and I thought no one else did that. I don't think I even wondered if anyone else did. I am not sure why I started but I was feeling sad when ever I did. I didn't tell anyone, but once when I was at relatives house, I used something that was left out to sh. I ended up needing help so I had to get someone. I explained it as an accident and that was believed because why would a kid do that and no one really knew of anyone doing this. I found out years later that there were other people who also did this.
It did seem to distract or take me away from feeling sad and gave me something to heal that I could understand. We use to have this medication called mercurochrome and I would use it and bandages to fix what hurt. Repairing felt calming. That turned into somewhat of an addition.


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Jun 30, 2020
I have major depression, AVPD and social anxiety disorder.
I started to SH when I was 16 and I can't remember exactly why I got the idea to hurt myself like that. I was probably just looking for a way to deal with the difficult situation I was in. At that time, I did it every day and sometimes several times. I did it in the school toilet... It got routine so I did it without thinking! When I was 16, I hated myself so much that I was angry with myself. I couldn't stand my body. At that time it was partly self-punishment. Today it is largely an outlet to deal with difficult emotions and stress. The emotional pain is unbearable, but as strange as it sounds, the physical pain is soothing. It's distracting. But...the thing is, SH doesn't even hurt me that much anymore. It is also partly a method of regaining control when I'm feeling helpless.
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