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Can you help with this please?



Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
PLEASE help us with this. They have closed the women's beds in Lancaster Psychiatric Unit and women are being bussed all over Lancashire. The knock on effects on this isn't just the women, its all the kids who don't get to see their mothers too. Their logic is that men might attack women. It is a brand new psychiatric unit, and was built for both sexes and only been open a few months. If a man, or woman, is that dangerous, then they should be on a medium secure unit, not a main hospital anyway. But it also means the staff aren't coping either.

I was initially put in another unit in Chorley, which was an hour's drive away. The cost in petrol was enormous, and the bus services aren't any good. They rarely go to towns you want and you have to change several times. They cost a fortune too, so can you imagine the cost to a family going to visit a person? Lancashire is huge and the distances between units is huge. When Rolf (my husband) was dying, I couldn't get to him. Luckily I did get sent back to Lancaster before he died. But can you imagine what it would have been like if I had been forced to stay at Chorley? That is now going to be normal for all the women. The new unit is called The Orchard.

This is also sexist - as it would be if it was men and not women sent away. If you move women, "in case" they get attacked, its blaming the victim and making them suffer. If you had this done because people were black, there would be outrage and quite rightly. But its OK to do this with women? When I was in hospital, there were some very ill men who were aggressive, but so were there some women like that. I never once felt in danger, and I was in for 4 months.

Please, please help me and the women in Lancaster and Morecambe. Can you send an email to:

[email protected] (He's the Morecambe MP)
[email protected] ( He's the Lancaster MP)

They do want your address to take it seriously.

OR to the Chief Executive of Lancaster Care NHS foundation Trust:
[email protected] (Her name is Heather Tierney-Moore)
[email protected]
put a note, comment on the blogspot: Beds In The Orchard That option only means a comment and no address or anything.

Please help us, we are working hard on this, have a spot on Lancashire radio, and working on the TV programmes. We are also getting a little interest from the Guardian, but we need numbers and stories (anonymous) about the effect of being sent away from the local area you live in. We are not attacking the NHS as a whole or saying anything about good or bad care, just focusing on the issue of closing the beds to women so they may be sent to units up to 2-3 hours away by car and with NO other transport links.

Thank you. xxx