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Jul 2, 2018
I have Aspergers and am under the mental health team already. I don't tell them everything because last time I did they tried to section me, so now I am careful of what I tell them,

I am hearing voices, sometimes inside and now outside. Always critical. When a room is quiet they scream and tell me to do the same. I am convinced other oeple can hear them in my ear.
I have had 9 years of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy (the latter on my lef and head for tumours) and I have had a bone marrow transplant. I've come through it but remain unwell through fatigue and sleep aponea.

I know this next bit doesn't fit into this section but if I watch a programme I get obsessed by it and want to be that person. So, if I watch a DIY programme I want to do DIY and start knocking walls in the house. I then watched a dog trainer and bought a dog to train. Then I will get heavily into radios (amateur) and within weeks go off all these again. I have made lanyards saying Dog Trainer. Carpenter, the worst one being police interceptors and I have lots of lanyards now with Police on and similar with Spooks the programme. I have made lanyards with GCHQ logos on. I cannot help doing it. I am compelled to do it and albeit I desperately try to stop myself, the urge to do it overhwhelmes me and takes over.

I am married with children (my lifes only success) have no friends but am worried if I tell my DP or social worker they will section me. Thing is if I don't I am not getting the help I need so it's catch 22.

What in your experience is the above? What should I do?

I feel somewhat stuck and suicidal at te moment. Thanks for the help Lijong
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Jun 8, 2016
Hello and welcome.

Sounds like you've had it tough, but you're a fighter.

I think it would be in your own best interests to be open and honest about hearing voices. They aren't likely to section you just for hearing them, I'm sure you would need to be much more of a danger to yourself or others to instigate anything like that. By approaching your doctor you would, however, get properly assessed and treated for your problems. You shouldn't ignore them as they could get worse, you'll get more distressed, and everything will likely suffer as a result. It would be much wiser to seek the help now and get it taken care of.
And just to offer some form of reassurance: I've told the docs and therapists some really bad stuff over the years and they've never even hinted at a hospital stay for me. Anything that can be taken care of on the outside will be

Is it fair to say that the obsessions and changes of focus could be put down to the Asperger's?


Feb 10, 2018
jap, this "sectioning" may be there(which may activate panic attacks), that's why i suggest, stay away from psychiatrists(some are a part of "divine business"). Some (psyop)psychologists are too.
For example: many people almost regularly argues in their life, but when someone is arguing(or panicking) in psychiatrists circles - connotation is different - that is - it's taken differently.

I recommend going somewhere where that "arguing", panic attacks and similar doesn't bother another.
I recommend going to psychotherapist or a woman psychologists or someone one can talk to.

I don't think radiotherapies will work - that is usually used for mind programming too - a part of "divine business".

You can record voices, some digital recorder will do.
Cleaning rubbish out using computer software can make miracles.
Usually in this experimentation, not only heard voices are heard in the record, but subliminals(which are not consciously heard) can also be heard by this method.

Voices won't kill you, but they(with the whole other things which comes in the package) can make a hell out of someone's life - but psychotronics are behind it usually driven by ai, usually for exploitation - which is more or less through whole world for so called "targeted individuals" - but many times also non-targeted individuals, that is - it can be used for mind manipulation of someone with regular business.
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