can someone have multiple dis-orders?



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Oct 21, 2014
the answer is yes!

what hit me first!?

we all follow a path...

each of us follow a path.

you might think you have depression?

and then this might subside ...and just be a really bad day or time.

and then the depression refuses to leave...

and every effort to ignore this turns into a manic ability that's so damn reliable that you forget why you went sad..

and then you become a volatile person...

wasting everyones time just to waste your own...

like a meaningless nothing!

BUT!... it's entirely possible that you? me, has some peculiar and particular combination of mental health issues.

is there such a thing as Bipolar Borderline autism?'s perhaps time for me to realise that the autism might just precede the rest!


autism can be from birth

bipolar can be from a learned experience

borderline is a direct response to events
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