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Can people hear my thoughts



New member
Nov 8, 2019
Hi I’m a 20 year old girl who is recovering from a episode of psychosis, I keep holding on to a couple of things that are really destroying my want for life, these beliefs are that people can hear my thoughts and also that I hear what people say in really strange way like my ears pick up voices in ways that aren’t what the speaker delivered. It feels like I am not myself anymore, I’ve lost a lot of who i was before this all happened. Mostly now I can’t go into university from the crippling anxiety I face because of all this. Has anyone else experienced this? I just need honest answers or advice as I’m really not living well.


Well-known member
Mar 27, 2019
Eastern Europe
There are quite a few people experiencing this, it’s a symptom, not a thing per se. There is no such thing as others hearing your thoughts. Build up some courage to be socially present and you’ll lower your anxiety eventually and stop thinking about these kind of things. It was like a bad dream you had where reality mixed with dreaming, be patient yourself, you have a long life ahead of you.