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Can I increase the dosage of lamotrigine by myself?



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Aug 19, 2014
Sorry, this is the last thread for now, I promise.
I called my psychiatrist today to make an appointment, but it turns out there are already no avaliable this month. So I wanted to speak to her on the phone and ask about increasing the dosage of lamotrigine, BUT she's on vacation right now.
Just great.
Anyone can tell me, whether it's safe for me to do it by myself? I'm currently on 100mg of sertraline and 25mg of lamotrigine, so it's not much I think.
I skipped my classes today, because I was too exhausted from crying the whole night. So I kinda need it.


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Mar 8, 2014
I don't think it's safe to do it on your own . 25 mg is a pretty low dose but I would still wait to speak with someone. I am on 300mg of lamotrigine currently but I feel it quit working because my anger has come back in full force. Can you get in with a gp since you pdoc is on vacation? They could help you with increasing it. Explain your concerns and how you feel about it and they will most likely help you until for pdoc is back. Or could you check yourself into the hospital to get help if it is bad? They will increase your dose and most likely not admit you. I've been sent to the hospital because of worries that I might harm someone and my hallucinations . They increased my meds without admitting me.
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