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Can i have BPD and Bipolar?



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May 7, 2021
Hi. I have been diagnosed for 20 years now with BPD. In the last 6 months I have experienced a couple of huge mood swings. Psychiatrist started me on 50mg lamotrigine day and night and increased it to 200 my day and night. I have read alot but both disorders at the same time confuses me. Can I clarify - us BPD a personality disorder and Bipolar a MH condition????
I would appreciate any feedback. I just want to know where I stand. I'm not necessarily looking to give myself more labels but I like to know where I am so I can use self help techniques.


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Apr 15, 2020
London, UK
Bipolar Disorder is a common comorbidity among people with borderline personality disorder, so it certainly is possible. If you have sustained periods of elavated moods (1-4 weeks +) then it is certainly possible.


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Apr 13, 2020
To my knowledge my diagnosis still remain as schizoaffective (bipolar type) and EUPD.

one is an Axis I disorder, the other is an Axis II disorder. and actually I think a lot of people suffer from both.


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Apr 20, 2019
Can I clarify - us BPD a personality disorder and Bipolar a MH condition????
As mentioned already you can have both. You can have two or three or more illnesses all at the same time, they usually call these comorbidities (things occurring at the same time as the primary diagnosis). For example, I have Bipolar and social anxiety is comorbid.
Both BPD and Bipolar are mental illnesses, BPD being a personality disorder and Bipolar being a mood disorder, which can sound confusing considering so much of BPD is irregular mood, but it's very diffferent to Bipolar moods.
Bipolar hinges on depression, which in Bipolar can be very bad, and Hypomania or Mania. The latter two are what decide a Bipolar diagnosis. They aren't just 'good moods', Hypomania can feel very good but can be quite messy in that you can be quite scattered or reckless in what you do. Mania can be a euphoric mania or a dysphoric mania. The euphoric is, as it sounds, a very high energised mood, but can be dangerous and reckless etc. Dysphoric mania is pretty hellish; again highly energised but irritability or anger mixed up with depressive feelings, suicidal thinking and all the other 'high' stuff combined. Both types of mania would cause you colossal problems in your life: loss of jobs etc. You can also get psychotic. Hypomania can pass largely unnoticed because it doesn't cause that many problems, but the depressions will also cause you massive problems in your life.
The pattern of these things is very different to BPD, which is more persistent day-to-day stuff. If both BPD and Bipolar are present then only a psych will be able to tell for sure.
What I'd recommend is keeping a mood diary so you can see when your moods are changing or why they are changing to help form a history of what is going on. This can then be shown to your psych to help them understand things better.
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