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Can depression cause these symptoms?



New member
Jul 12, 2020
I know I am depressed. That's not a question. I just don't know how things got this bad. I really want to give up. I'm not going to but want to. Outside of feeling depressed I feel like i have lost my emotions, motivation, ability to feel pleasure. Basically everything that made me human. I also have brainfog. feels like i had a lobotomy. can't recall words or keep up with conversation. i spend all my time alone if i can help it.

I spend my days killing the time online until I can sleep again. This is ridiculous. But i can't chage it. I literally cannot feel joy anymore. I can't feel connection with loved ones i have cared for all my life.

Can depression cause all this? I have a script for wellbutrin i have yet to feel. If i do fill it im not sure how i will afford to maintain it,

Anyway, i was hoping someone could let me know if they have felt this way and it got better?

Feeling utterly hopeless right now
thanks for reading


Taking a break
Nov 10, 2019
Loss of pleasure is a major sign for me that i am spiralling downwards. I have worked out specific symptoms i have at each stage of depression. This is the chart i use and i hope it is helpful for you to place yourself on the scale. I have never seen one just for depression, as this is for mania and depression, but depression is depression.

I do think it is depression you are describing, but i am basing that feeling on what i go through. I think you should get up every morning, eat breakfast, and then go for a short walk. This is the most important habit i have ever taken up.




New member
Jul 12, 2020
little movement and impossible to do anything sounds about right. thanks for sharing the graph!

it's sad when you need to coax yourself to shower and the thought of prepping food to eat seems monumental and not worth it
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