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Can being picked on all yhrough school cause avoidant personality disorder?



I was misdiagnosed in my early 20's as having schizoaffective disorder. And recently through some neuropsychological testing. I found out I actually have bipolar 1 disorder not schizoaffective disorder. And was also newly diagnosed as having avoidant personality disorder. And with getting that diagnosis the avoidant personality disorder. It's like everything in my life makes sense now. But I'm not really 100% sure what causes avoidant personality disorder. I had a fairly good child hood growing up as far as home life. But I was picked on and bullied from kindergarten all the way till I graduated high school. Most of it was verbal stuff. Immature guys calling me ugly. And not fitting in. And the kids excluding me. But I had a couple of incidents of physical bullying. But most of it was verbal. So I'm wondering if that's how I developed this. Or can you be born with it?


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Apr 9, 2010
I dont know much about avoidant personality disorder specifically, however with personality disorders you aren't born with them. They develop from external factors. They are usually caused by some form of maltreatment, abuse or neglect.
I have borderline, which had developed from my negative experiences in childhood.
Verbal abuse can be as serious as other forms of abuse, it can be just as damaging.
Different types of abuse aren't comparable as everyone's experience is unique to them.
Bullying can have a huge effect on us it has a huge impact on our mental healtg