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Can anyone tell whats wrong with me.



New member
May 27, 2009
Hello all, first to describe me, I am a 25 year old average looking guy pretty good at what I do (software programmer) but I have a very low self esteem regarding my looks and social skills, I don’t talk much , you can say I am shy except when I am with friends or people I am comfortable with, I won’t go as far as to say I have an anxiety problem since I don’t have panic attacks or palpitations or symptoms of similar kind but it is a little difficult for me to talk to people sometimes (generally people with more authoritative position), or ask favors, or scold someone or talk to girls. I do have a lot of friends though (mostly guys) so I am not an introvert I do like going out, I party frequently and I have hobbies like photography, blogging etc. but I was very shy during my childhood also for a period of about 2 years when I was about 13 or 14 years old I used to cry when I was alone don’t know the reason exactly but maybe since I changed schools so I was lonely. I think I have grown out a little from that shyness. From the above description you do get the general idea. All was pretty good if not great but suddenly about 2 years back one day while I was riding to work on my bike I felt a little scared, not worrying but scared, sacred in the sense like you know your limit when you ride a bike for example you know in certain traffic condition you can go 60 kph I knew I could go 60 Kph but I couldn’t I was scared, also I was a little jittery like when someone suddenly comes across you react a certain way maybe a older person would be startled, but in a similar way I was a little shaky. And all this started suddenly just that day and it has gotten worse in the past two years. Also I could feel this shakiness or say anxiety in all my daily activity. The most visible physical symptom was sweating, whenever I was a little nervous I would sweat I mean the level of my nervousness was same, the way it had been for the past 25 years but now for the same level I was sweating and sometimes a lot. I am talking about general everyday situation which might make you nervous like if you screwed up something, or if you couldn’t find an important document or if you are talking to a beautiful girl etc. Maybe I have some physical or biological problem, may be even neurological problem but I had been to 3-4 doctors then can’t find anything wrong, I mean even I think physically or biological I am fine, but even a psychiatrist said that I have a little anxiety and sent me home saying it’s not a problem. I also tried a homeopathic doctor he experimented on me with different medicines for about a year but with no luck. Just to mention here I have a little high LDL and cholesterol values and with diet control and exercise the sweating problem is reduced a little. So I did join a gym and eat properly but still the problem is there, so please if anybody can help me let me know.


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Jun 21, 2008
It sounds to me that you have more than average self consciousness. I understand how anxiety provoking that can be.


If you have a low level anxiety perhaps you can try some distraction techniques. If you have to concentrate hard on the task in hand then it's almost impossible to be aware of the anxiety. Also a lot of people find that meditation can help. I use mindfulness which can be practised in any situation once you get the hang of it.

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