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Can anyone reassure me



New member
Jan 10, 2019
Hi all I'm new here...My husband and I both get PIP (he has physical conditions and depression and anxiety) I have more mental health conditions with a couple of Iess severe physical conditions so my claim is predominately on the mental health side. My husband transferred successfully to pip from.dla...I on the other hand got awarded only 4 points to begin with then 11 on MR but was advised by dwp person who gave me my decision on phone to look carefully as I was 1 point off enhanced rate. So I appealed because there were some things they missed and contradicted themselves on and they took no notice of any of my physical conditions. However.... I do quite a lot for my husband physically when my conditions allow because he cannot do it for himself....most of my points come from prompting etc like washing and preparing food but I don't go out alone except on very rare occasions and then it is only to the local shop because I have social anxiety (we both do) and bipolar disorder and I over think every social interaction etc. I either need my husband to go with me or I take one of my older sons with me or a close friend I know I can trust if i have to go anywhere new...because I panic and get myself in a state. I can cope if someone is there with me who knows I panic...more so if my husband is there because he knows how to calm me down but because of all the scare stories/horror stories and the absolute state I am in I am panicking that because my husband also received points for needing prompting to go out (which he does often as he has been physically assaulted several times so has ptsd and doesn't cope with men very well as a result) that somehow I will lose points because I need it too. My most recent psych assessment states we have a "mutually supportive relationship" and that's exactly the case. We muddle on the best way we can because there's no other alternative is there....but very often our illnesses clash and things don't get done, we can't get out etc etc. Can anyone help reassure me at all? I'm petrified and all the stress of this appeal is impacting on my mental health. Just to clarify neither of us get carers allowance. I used to claim it until I got too poorly and then I gave up my claim. That was some years ago now.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
i can't see why you shouldn't get PIP together at all. You prompt each other and help each other. It sounds as though you need more help not less. I would be reassured that you are doing the right thing and not breaking any rules that I can see anyway. I'm not an expert though.