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can anyone help me ?



New member
Sep 25, 2009
hi my name is kim and im 28 years old,i have suffered from depresstion since i was 13 but about 2 month ago i started to hear a voice thats very nasty,cruel,and it has a very strong way off making me do things(ie me take alot off pills or cutting my arms) my docs have refered me to see someone about it but the appointment for that is not till the end off next month and day by day this voice is getting stronger and its here nearly all the time now.My husband is being very supportive and trying to help but its hard as i dont even know how to help myself.So if you you could please help me with some advice on how to try and cope for now and if anyone could try and explain what this is thats happening to me i would be very greatfull.
thank you for taking the time to read this x
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Anna Hawk

New member
Aug 26, 2009
don't give up

Hi Kim,
Have you tried keeping a journal. It may help follow a pattern or reveal your
personal triggers. My daughters triggers are stress and sleep deprivation.
Try to track your voice or voices... if they are positive, negative male, female and how many of them you may have and what you were doing or thinking before they invaded your space.
Stay possitive help is out there.
It may be a chemical imbalance or major change in your life.
Until you get the proper treatment...know that you are not alone
listen to the positive forces in your life.
Take care


Active member
Sep 28, 2009
Hi Kim,

I wear headphones everywhere i go, it seems to help with the voices, i think it sort of distracts them.

Hope this helps.

Good luck with your appointment.


P.S. The first time i heard voices i cut myself so know what its like, i promise it does get easier with meds and time.

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